Project Planning

Every Tuesday for the last few months we have been meeting up to have a quick scrum meeting. A “School Night Scrum”, you could say. We use this for keeping on top of what we’re all up to and to plan out our future projects. After getting our notification of acceptance, today’s session dealt entirely with our Dublin Maker project. Exciting and busy times ahead!

First on tonight’s agenda was planning a hacking day for kick-starting work on our project. There are a few of us involved in the Dublin Maker preparations so we started by making up a quick doodle to get a date that suits us all.

After that we proceeded to flesh out each of the project components a bit more in Github. We’ve setup a repository for all our code and design files for Dublin Maker and described each aspect of the project as issues in this repository:

Break down issues into tasks, using the nested task list feature

Finally we started talking about topics we’d like to write posts for this website on over the next couple of weeks. The website needs a good overhaul but even getting it up to date would make a huge difference.

  • Martin - Python Threading and Queueing
  • Victor - Open Source Continuous Integration(CI)
  • The rest need to get the thinking caps on

That’s it for tonight. More updates to follow.