Gearing up for Retro Gamebox Workshop

SpaceInvadersBuilding on from work by Nootropic Design and APC Magazine, The Bedroom Laboratory are running a Retro Gamebox workshop in Rua Red tomorrow at 6pm. During the workshop, we’ll be showing participants how to use an Arduino and eventually how to build your own games console with one. The workshop is free and all parts are yours to take home when we’re done, so there’s no excuse not to jump into Arduino programming now! All the available spaces have been allocated but there may be some sort of a waiting list, if people don’t turn up. So make sure to get in touch with Rua Red if you want to get your name on that list.

We’ve nearly finished the last of our preparations for tomorrow and our skills at Space Invaders have been polished-up (we’re still not great though)!

Here’s a link for the Arduino sketches that we’ll be using for the workshop:

Just before our workshop, at 5pm, one of our members, Greg, is also doing a talk on STEAM, so make sure to come along to that. See you tomorrow!