Treo - pure living

We had an amazing time at the sponsors and participants for making it an unforgettable event.

Team Breazy presented Treo, the route to healthy living. A personal pollution exposure monitor, that empowers us to make smarter and better decisions, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

The solution, made available on github., comprised:

  • A wearable device and docking station designed in AutoDesk and delivered as 3D-Printed and Lazer Cut models.
  • An RedBearLab Micro brains inside the wearable.
  • The server receiving, processing and serving the information stored in a Node-RED.
  • Finally a Mobile App built on the Ionic framework presented the analysis and provided suggestions for a healthier lifestyle.

The most notable improvement from the previous hardware hackathon was the addition of a strong design element, which enhanced the form to follow the hardware functionality.

In that spirit we’d like to thank Meadhbh, Alan and Tom; the design leads; for ensuring the product came to life. Hendrik; the business lead; who put the commercial viability into the plan. The hardware leads; Jason, Conor and Greg; for producing functional prototypes. And the software leads, Victor and Martin, who delivered the mobile application and web service behind the product.

Congratulations to the winners Cash-up and here’s looking forward to the next hwhackathon and TechShop Ireland. Treo_Design