Map Making

So I made a map. What do you think?

It was surprisingly straightforward. I used illustrator to draw over an existing map (Kavrayskiy VII map projection for the map nerds amongst) and “laser”; cut it on some 5mm laser ply at the institute of making over in UCL. I think it came out pretty well, I’m going to make a few little tweaks, such as:

- South Africa is a little flat on the bottom

- Give New Zealand a little more love

- Canada/Greenland boundary needs cleaning up

The holes ‘lasered’ really well, sometimes you need to poke out some of the stubborn bits. A bonus of this is that all the circles cutout where left on the & “laser” bed when I lifted out the cut. It made for a nicer picture than the original!


I put all the circles in a jar, I think I have an oncoming hoarding problem. Anywho… I have to find the link to the inspiration to this, it will come along in an edit. It was a guy I saw on Reddit that did something not a million miles away on a plank of Oak with a drill. Different vibe but I thought I would give him his props.

Also stay tuned for thingiverse files, I’ll link it up once I’ve made the changes.

See the following link for the files to make your own!