The Deconstruction - Update 1

So we’ve started our deconstruction project, which you can check out as we go on There’s a live stream linked on that site and we’ll be posting regular updates there too, so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

In terms of project, we’ve decided to deconstruct the Nest thermostat into its simplest component parts and re-imagining it from scratch in an open source way. For hardware, we will be building the temperature sensors using arduino boards and building the computer for aggregating the sensor data and deciding whether or not to turn on the central heating system using a Raspberry Pi.

Last night, we turned in at 05:30. By then we had just managed to get the RPi’s up and running as web and ssh servers and devised a proper plan for tackling stuff today. We’ll hopefully be ticking things off that plan quickly as we make progress over the next few hours.

During the course of TheDeconstruction, we have also vowed to reveal a secret about someone in our team. While we are not willing to reveal the nature of the secret yet, it will be simultaneously intense and underwhelming. We are planning to include a schedule of events that will take place during our live stream, including how-to’s, off-the-cuff interviews with team members and other mystery “happenings”. The announcement of our big secret will be scheduled towards the end of the competition. So head over to our page on and get in touch if you have any suggestions or just want to say hello.